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 Misty Meadows Herbal Center
2015 Herbal Apprenticeship
The Spirited Herbalist:
A Plant-Guided Journey
To Your Self

With Wendy Snow Fogg,  Sr. Herbalist

Dear Apprenticeship Applicant,

Looking forward to another  year of apprenticeship at Misty Meadows is always exciting.  Each year this program is more wonderful than the year before as the number of gifted herbal teachers grows.  This year you will have an opportunity to learn from several outstanding herbalists, Flower Essence practitioners, Aromatherapists and Astrologers.  As always, we  spend countless hours in the Mother’s classroom, the best one of all. 

The Spirited Herbalist - A Plant-Guided Journey to Your Self  is a 7 month program.  Student orientation takes place in April.  We will then meet  on seven weekends during the months of May thru November; Final project presentations and graduation are held in November.   This is a beginner level, hands-on program. The focus will be on native plant identification and use, accent on plant spirit medicine. The content  is aimed at those who wish to learn the Wise Woman Ways of working with plants in daily living. Learn to understand and work with  cycles of the moon, stars and planets, your body and plants, coming to a place of understanding that everything is part of the same whirling universe, connected in perfect balance. 

Students will spend  time in the garden, field and forest, classroom and kitchen. Students must be physically able to hike through wild areas of the forest, wetlands and hilly terrain, tolerate working in the hot sun and rain. Upon completion of this Level I program, you should be on your way to being able to provide herbal support for yourself and your family's basic health needs, preparing Earth-gift medicines, creating lovely gifts from the Earth that people will cherish, and working your wise-woman ways. Graduates of this program are also fully prepared for Advanced Herbal Studies.

Campers are welcome, and there are a number of excellent B&B's and a Holiday Inn Express within a short distance. 

Along the way, you will work closely with the other participants in the program; sometimes all together, other times in smaller groups depending on the projects being done. In any case, it will surely be a time of great learning, teaching and sharing.

Herbal blessings,


Wendy Snow Fogg



Misty Meadows 2015
The Spirited Herbalist
A Plant-guided Journey To Your Self



Orientation Day:  Sunday April 19   9:30 am - 4:00 pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Class Dates:          May 16-17     June 20-21   July 11-12     August 15-16   September 12-13     October 10-11    November 7-8    

Final Project Presentations & Graduation:    November 14    

Class Meeting Times:  9:00 am - 6 pm. Students are expected to participate fully, arrive on time and remain for the full class time.  (Campers are welcome to set up on Friday afternoon between 4 and 7 pm or on Saturday between 7:30-8:30 am.)  Please ask for instructions.

Additional Time Requirement:  Each student is required to spend 10 hours (two 5-hour days) per month from May through October (60 hours total), in addition to the class weekends, doing hands-on learning at Misty Meadows. This time will include gardening, harvesting and processing of harvested plant materials.

Physical Requirements:
  Students should be able to participate fully in all aspects of the program, including  gentle hiking up to 5 miles in field and forest, work in garden for periods of up to 3 hours, maintain a level of concentration for a minimum of 2 hours during lectures and hands-on workshops; all students must be able to read, speak and write English.

Absences:  Group energy is of utmost importance when working together for an extended period of time.  Should a student be required to make up any portion of the class, that work will be done at the convenience of the teacher and at the expense of the student for that teacher's time.  Any student with more than two days absence becomes automatically ineligible to receive a certificate of graduation. This is a hard & fast rule.  No exceptions.

Requirements for Graduation

In order to graduate and receive certification, a student must fulfill the following requirements:
            1. Meet attendance requirements                             
            2. Successfully complete all homework assignments         
            3. Complete Additional 60-hour Hands-on Work Time Requirement                 
            4. Successfully complete Plant I.D. List

            5. Present final project

A maximum one year extension may be issued for completion of Materia Medica, Additional Time Requirement and Plant I.D.
No extensions are granted for final projects.

Faculty Advisors
Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will be available to offer additional help, answer questions and meet with each student to help assure student success.


Registration Deadline:  February 1, 2015

Tuition :                   Tuition is $1695.
                                $695 deposit must accompany application.
                                Balance due April 1, 2015.


2015 Herbal Adpprenticeship Program

Payment Plan:         Please contact us to discuss your needs/options. 

Tuition Refunds:  Refunds will be made only if applicant is denied admission into program, or if written request is made by student and received by Misty Meadows prior to April 1, 2015There will be no refunds granted after April 1, 2015.  Any student dropping out of the program for any reason will forfeit all monies paid to Misty Meadows, and will be held legally responsible for any tuition balance due. Should a registered student not begin or complete the program for any reason, Misty Meadows Herbal Center assumes no obligation, financial or otherwise to that student.

Work/Study Program: Work/Study students maintain the gardens at Misty Meadows and must be physically capable of doing so.  An approved student may work for (not more than) $500 of the full tuition, which is worked off at a rate of $6/hr.  A schedule will be arranged. Work begins May 1.   All workstudy hours must be completed by September 30. Please indicate your interest in Work/Study when submitting your application.  You will be contacted for an interview.

Meals:  Saturday evening's dinner is always potluck.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.  Lunches and Sunday breakfast are on your own. Bring a cooler w/ plenty of food. Everyone is welcome to use our well equipped kitchen for meal preparations. Refrigeration is limited so be sure your cooler will keep your food cold for the entire weekend..

Accommodations:   Tenters/Campers are welcome.  Inside sleeping space is available during inclement weather.  Bathrooms/Showers are available for everyone.  We are also happy to provide a list of local B&B’s and hotels.

For Everyone's Comfort:

  • No Cell Phone Use Permitted on the Property

  • No Pets

  • No Guests

  • No Smoking anywhere on the property.



What You Can Expect To Learn
The following is a  partial list of  topics we will attempt to cover during the program.   Other topics may be added where appropriate.

~ Basic Anatomy/Physiology & Energetics
~ Principals of Organic/Biodynamic Gardening                    
      -  Planning, Planting and Maintaining an Herb Garden
      -  Companion Planting               
      -  Building Healthy Compost
      -  Insect and Disease Control
      -  Astrological Gardening
      -  Hands-on Gardening
~ Herbs for Women                                         
~ Wild Plant Identification                                
~ Herbs for Children
~ Herbs for Elders
~ Herbs in Pregnancy and Post Partum       
~ Harvesting from the Garden                           
~ Responsible Harvesting in the Wild
~ Bath Salts                                                    
~ Preserving the Harvest
~ Herbal Tonics
~ Herbs to Nourish The Body's Systems
~ Herbal Skin Care                                        
~ Herbal Oils for Bath and Massage                 
~ Medicinal & Cosmetic Preparations
~ Poultices and Compresses                           
~ Flower Essences
~ The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing          
~ Salves, Lotions, Ointments
~ Infusions & Decoctions                                 
~ Tinctures, Liniments
~ Lozenges, Capsules
~ Herbs for Men                                             
~ Herbal Vinegars and Infused Oils
~ Intro to Aromatherapy                               
~ Herbal Tea Blending

          Books:  There are required books.  Approximate cost - $250 - $300, including 10% student discount.
                         Students receive a 10% discount on all herbal reference books during the months of the program.

          Materials Costs:  Students can expect to spend $150 - $300 on class materials, depending on your own personal preferences.

I'm most eager to begin our work together!
Can't wait to get started, so get your registration in as soon as you can!  Space is limited.




2015 Misty Meadows Student Contract
Completed & Signed Original must accompany registration.

I, _________________________________(print or type full name) indicate my acceptance of the terms of this student contract, indicated by my initialing of each of the following items
(all items must be initialed in order for contract to be accepted/valid:

_____ I agree to attend class on all appointed weekends, and will do my best to be punctual.
_____ I understand and agree that absence of more than two days will make me ineligible for certification, without exception.
_____ I understand and agree that any missed classes must be made up no later than 60 days after the class weekend in which it was taught, at the convenience of the teacher and
            at my personal expense.
_____ I understand and agree
that Misty Meadows is a smoke/drug/alcohol free zone, and I agree to abide by that rule.  I will not
            partake of these items within the property lines of Misty Meadows.
_____ I certify that I am physically able to participate fully in all aspects of the program, including gentle hiking up to 5
            miles in field and forest, working in garden for periods of up to 4 hours.
_____ I
certify that I am able to maintain a level of concentration for a minimum of 2 hours during lectures and
            hands-on workshops.
_____ I
certify that I am able to read, speak and write English.
_____ I agree to do required homework and submit it in person or by U.S. Mail or email for review, within specified
            times to be set when assignments are given.
_____ I agree to acquire the books required for this program.
_____ I agree to have a valid, active email account throughout the duration of the program and to notify Misty Meadows of any              
            changes to that address.
_____ I understand and agree that the facilities at Misty Meadows are not handicapped accessible.
_____ I understand and agree that I must bring all food I will need for each class weekend, and that I must keep that food in my
            own cooler other than when I'm preparing or eating it.
_____ I understand and agree that I will be afforded kitchen privileges for preparing my food, and that I am expected to wash, wipe
           and return to its proper place any items I might use.
_____ I understand that Misty Meadows has a Leave No Trace policy and I therefore agree to remove any and all items brought onto the property by me,
            including my personal belongings and any trash I may generate. This does not include items provided to me by Misty Meadows as part of my class participation.

_____ I understand and agree that if at any time my progress, dedication or behavior is deemed unacceptable, I may be required
            to meet with the program coordinator for counseling and resolution.
_____ I understand and agree that the tuition cost of this program is $1695, and that no refunds will be issued after April 1, 2015 for any reason.

_____ I understand
and agree that by signing this contract and submitting my registration for this program, upon acceptance into the program I am agreeing to pay
            the full tuition within the class year, whether or not I complete the program.  I further understand that I am legally responsible to pay
            the full tuition.

_____ I understand
and agree that giving false information on this contract or my violation of any of the terms of this contract may warrant my
            expulsion from the program.

______________________________________                   _________________________
Signature of Student/Applicant                                           Date of Signature

This page must be signed and submitted with your application. Please keep a copy for your records.


Misty Meadows Herbal Apprenticeship Program
Application for Registration
(Registration Deadline February 1, 2015)

NAME_____________________________________________________Email Address (Required)________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS________________________________________________________


DAYTIME PHONE:___________________EVENING PHONE:_____________________CELL PHONE:___________________________

DATE/TIME/PLACE OF BIRTH (This information is crucial to your application. It must be exact & correct)  This information is gathered in order to create an astrological natal chart for each applicant. 


PLEASE SAY BRIEFLY WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Payment Enclosed:_____________$1695 Full Tuition (Non-refundable after April 1, 2015)

Payment Enclosed:_____________$695 Deposit (Non-refundable after April 1, 2015)


CARDHOLDER'S NAME_________________________________________________

CARD NO._____________________________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE___________________SECURITY CODE___________________

CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE____________________________________________

Please make personal checks payable to MISTY MEADOWS HERBAL CENTER  
183 Wednesday Hill Rd., Lee, NH 03861-6547

* * * * * * * * * *     

* * * * * * * * * *

A maximum of 20 students will be accepted into this program.
Interviews will be conducted in order to create the most positive and
productive environment for learning, sharing and growth.


Let Your Food Be Your Medicine And Your Medicine Be Your Food

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