Insects of Field & Forest - Nature Walk

Sunday, July 16    
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Cost: 2-4 people $5.00
         5-7 people $10.00

Insects play such a crucial role in the ecosystems of our fields and forests, but sadly, most of them get a bad reputation of being pests. Come to Misty Meadows to learn about the butterflies that roam our gardens, the bees that are busy pollenating the world, and all the insects that lay under the soil, helping to replenish and keep the soil in balance. When we gain a deeper understanding of why they’re here, it’s easier to not be so bothered by them. 

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    •  Cancellations made at least 30 days prior to initial class date will be refunded 75%. Cancellations with less than 30 days’ notice are nonrefundable.
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