Queen Annie & the Sewing Contest! Story Hour & Nature Walk

Ages: 3 years and up
Fee: $10.00 per child, adults free
Sunday July 2, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Misty Meadows will be conducting a story hour beginning, the first Sunday of each month beginning, June 4. from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Each program will concentrate on the Habitats of Misty Meadows. The word “Habitat” is probably the most difficult word for children to understand. In simple terms, it is a place where an animal, plant or insect lives. In Each program children will listen to a story at a new habitat in a woodland setting. After our story we will explore the habitat and make a craft using natural materials only and some glue.   Each session children will have juice and cookies.


Queen Annie and the Sewing Contest: By Marilyn Gilmour (Roleplaying)

High up on a mountain, a huge castle stood. In the castle lives King George and His queen, Queen Annie. Annie was a very spoiled queen and she wanted to do a project because she is so bored. The king had a great idea, How about having a contest. But! … What will it be? And what does the pilliwiggin fairies that live down in pilliwiggin meadow have to do with it? Come and join in the roll-playing story. Before going home we’ll go to the herb gardens and see if the pilliwiggins have visited our gardens. Snack and cookies end the day.