Making Herbal Salts & Spice Blends


Making Herbal Salts & Spice Blends


December 2nd
Instructor: Jenna Kulp
Price $20.00
$5.00 cash materials fee to teacher

Why do we cook with certain spices? What does their flavor tell us about what they may be doing in the body? 

There is a beautiful and old tradition residing in our spice cabinets that we may not even be aware of! Our favorite culinary herbs like black pepper, oregano, cinnamon and thyme all offer healing support when it comes to eating rich holiday foods!

In this workshop we will take a look at traditional spices and how they are commonly paired with food and what health benefits they may offer. Less familiar herbs, spices and medicinal mushrooms will be explored as well.

Participants will receive recipes and samples of the herbal salts and spice blends created in class.

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