Herbal Clinic & Practitioners Circle


Herbal Clinic & Practitioners Circle


 An Expanded Learning Opportunity for Herbal Students & Practitioners

Saturday July 8, 22
Saturday August 5, 19
 Time:  9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Cost: $300

The Practitioners Circle is the logical next step for herbal students wishing to enter into a practice working with clients. It also provides both new and experienced practitioners with an opportunity to observe and interact with other herbalists and with clients. Participants will work directly with clients, people from the community seeking guidance and healing.
The Practitioners Circle provides an opportunity for student practitioners to: 

  • move to the next level of preparing for herbal practice
  • observe experienced herbal practitioners at work
  • develop intake skills
  • practice formulation
  • improve skills by learning from each other 

An opportunity for experienced herbal practitioners to: 

  • share their skills with student practitioners
  • expand their herbal practice
  • develop/improve mentoring skills

An opportunity for members of the community to: 

  • Explore and experience a more natural
  • Approach to getting and staying healthy.
  • Experience an herbal consultation at a reduced rate
  • Have the benefit of several herbalists hearing their story
  • Receive questions & input from several herbalists
  • Have remedies custom formulated for them by a concurring team of herbalists
  • Have two follow up appointments at the same “clinic” rate.  

Cost:  $300
Participants are asked to register at least two weeks in advance - by June 24.
Class size limited to 12 people.

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