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Coven of the Green Fire

Public Rituals, Celebrations & Gatherings
For The Wheel of the Year

Welcome to this year's public celebrations! All traditions are welcome who come in perfect love and perfect trust, peace. Children are welcome, provided they are well versed in circle etiquette.

We honor the Witches’ Creed. As witches, we also believe in the presence of Spirit in all creatures. We honor the two leggeds, the four leggeds, the winged ones, the crawlers, the swimmers, the stone people and the tall ones (trees). We believe in the magic in all beings. We honor each other, and our individual rights and traditions. We believe in witches as healers; healers of ourselves and of our planet. We believe in the power of ritual, magic, meditation, prayer. We believe in the good in all people, and the reality of our humanness.

Registration Is Required

Ritual garb is encouraged, though not required.

Ritual space is sacred space. It is expected that the ritual experience remains private among us.

Candles, flowers and other adornments for the altar are always welcome.

You're welcome to bring items for dedicating and charging.

These celebrations include a potluck feast. Please sign up for a food group. We ask this so we can all enjoy a delicious, nourishing and well rounded meal together.

Come, enjoy, celebrate Spirit in your life!

Your donations support our ritual space & supplies.


Beltane Sunday

May 3

4 pm


4:00 PM - Registration Required

Join us in celebrating the green and growing Earth!  Come dance the maypole with us!

Bring your drums & rattles!  And your festive spirit!

Festivities Include Potluck Feast
Please call 603-659-7211 to Register and sign up for food group:
Main Dish - Side Dish - Salad - Dessert - Drinks & Bread

Suggested Donation:  $10/family or $5/single


Yule 2015 Sunday
December 19

4 pm

4:00 pm - Registration Required    

The Holly King succumbs to the Oak King tonight!
The night is the longest of the year!
The birth of the new light is nigh!

Includes Potluck Feast
Please call to register and sign up for food group:
Main Dish - Side Dish - Salad - Dessert - Drinks & 

                                                 Suggested Donation:  $5/person       $10/family



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