Last Monday – Every Other Month
Beginning: Monday June 26
Social Time: 6-6:30 pm
Meeting: 6:30-8 pm
$10 donation at meetings - cash only/exact amount

Due to the success of the Astrology Course for Beginners held during the winter, Misty Meadows is going to be starting an Astrology Club. This is not something that requires membership and is open to anyone. This is a chance for anyone who has studied astrology on their own or with teachers to get together and share knowledge, their own experiences with astrology and of course, to continue learning. 

Our first meeting will focus on creating a list of topics and possible speakers for future meetings.  We’ll also discuss current transits, upcoming prominent astrological events and how they might affect our individual natal charts.
Meetings will begin and end on time. 

Once topics/speakers have been decided on, we will update this page to include the information about upcoming meetings.