All classes/workshops include a 3% processing fee


Citrus ‘n Spice Window Charm

Saturday November 16

2-3:30 pm

Cost: $25 Includes all materials

Holiday smells awaken fond memories of fabulous times with family and friends. The aromas of oranges,lemons, cinnamon cloves kindle the atmosphere of cozy home-fires and warm drinks on cold winter days.Hang your Citrus ‘n Spice Window Charm in a sunny window to release the aromas of the season into your home.This afternoon’s holiday play-shop will be such fun! Come and bring a friend, and go home with a lovelycreation that will begin this holiday season’s memory-making.




Friday November 22
6:30-9 PM
Instructor: Wendy Snow Fogg, Green Fire Reiki Master Teacher


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED - Prepayment is not required, but you MUST complete registration and receive confirmation in order to be registered.

Green Fire Reiki is rooted in the strong foundation of traditional Usui Reiki and Tibetan Shamanic practice, and introduces the vibrational healing power of plant spirit, the highest vibration after Spirit itself. The exquisitely unique energy of plants enhances the connection between the subtle bodies of a person and the Universal Life Force and expands possibilities for healing on all levels.

Prerequisite: Green Fire Reiki I, Usui or other Reiki II. (Must show certificates)

  • This catch up class is intended for all Green Fire Reiki I practitioners, and Reiki II practitioners of other Reiki traditions.  You will receive the additional Green Fire Reiki II information and symbols specific to Green Fire Reiki II and the attunement. 

  • All planning to attend the Green Fire Reiki III will be required to have Green Fire Reiki I and II certifications.

Cost: $35 donation (Cash at the door, please)
Instructor requires a minimum of 3 confirmed registrations in order to run the class.


CRAFT A Fresh Orange Pomander Ball

November 17

10:30am - 12:00pm

Cost: $16

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

Oranges, cloves, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg – the delicious aromas of the Yuletide! Today we’ll gather around a big table as our ancestral grandmothers once did to share the joy of creating beautiful, fragrant and decadent holiday pomander balls. Options include a pomander to hang on your holiday tree, a pomander tealight holder or a pomander to simply place in a pretty dish to share its aromas and inspire conversation! $16 Includes all materials to make one pomander + take-home drying spices


soap making 101

Sunday December 1

Instructor: Lynn Iverson

Cost: $52 Includes handout and all class materials
Max Enrollment: 13

This beginner level class examines the cold-process method for making soap. The incorporation of botanicals, oils and butters, & essential oils will be discussed. Basic swirling techniques and use of molds will be explained. Troubleshooting and rebatching, curing, and packaging will also be covered. Each student will receive two bars of soap. 

  • Please wear long sleeves

  • Bring rubber kitchen gloves and eye protection.

  • An apron is optional.

  • You will receive a handout that includes sources, useful websites, and the recipe used in the class.



Friday December 6

7-8:30 pm

Cost: $42

Instructor: Jiong Jiong Hu

Like two mirrors

Tea and heart reflect each other

Close your eyes

Let tea water flow down the heart path

Soothing it

This cup of tea is heart’s beckoning for natural gladness

Cause life is a beautiful feast of Zen and tea

Sipping this cup of heart tea, serene contentment instantly arises…

This tea meditation workshop is intended to use this ancient Asian spiritual art form as a portal to lead participants into the present moment for their meditation practice. From brewing the tea to sipping the tea, the participants will be guided to observe the entire process with full mind and body, using all senses. The principal of this meditation is derived from Insight/Mindfulness and Zen traditions, training the participants to tune inward, concentrate and observe the ever-changing physical and mental phenomena, cultivate loving kindness and self-compassion.

Choosing this venue is intended to connect tea, the original Chinese herbal medicine to Misty Meadows Herbal, the unique center nested in this beautiful land.



December 7

11:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $28

Don we now our gay apparel! Join us at beautifully set tables of fine china, crystal and antique linens. Delicious treats of the season are featured on this festive Sunday afternoon. Come with friends and make some new ones, too! Enjoy fancy tea sandwiches, decadent dessert morsels and a variety of herbal teas, chai, coffee and hot chocolate. All prepared in the Misty Meadows kitchen, just for you!


Homemade Holiday Ornaments

December 8

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Cost: $25

Your friends will comment on your quaint, rustic ornaments......but there’s so much more than meets the eye! Create a lovely ornament to protect your home and family through the winter months and herald a new year of good health and abundance. Place in a sunny window to release the aromas of sweet oranges, apples, cinnamon, star anise, cranberry, apples and fir. $25 Includes all materials for up to 4 ornaments


Winter’s Beauty Door Swag

Sunday December 8

3-4:30 pm

Cost: $26

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

Create a beautiful holiday door swag using aromatic evergreens, various cones and a festive hand-made holiday bow!


cinnamon protection charm

December 14

10:30-12:00 pm

Cost: $20

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

Please register by Fri. Dec. 6

Hang this adorable & most magical charm of protection, prosperity and good health over your door.  Using cinnamon sticks, cranberries, orange & apple slices, and nature’s wild treasures you’ll create two beautiful, aromatic ornaments – one for you and one for a friend!  This fun project makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties!



December 14

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Cost: $25

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

People believed that burning the log would bring prosperity in the coming year. Yule logs also expanded into new traditions and conformed to a more modern world.

Today we enjoy the Yule Log as a holiday decoration, adorned with red candles, evergreen tips and wild red berries. Join us today to create your own Yule Log and perhaps a new tradition for your own family, however you choose to celebrate the season of peace on earth.


CRAFT AN Evergreen Kissing Ball

December 14

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Cost: $35

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

Register by December 1

The evergreen kissing ball has been a tradition in holiday decorating for hundreds of years. Said to bring blessings of good luck and protection for the home where it hangs. Join us for an afternoon of old fashioned creative fun And make your own version of a “Charming” Tradition!


Paper Bag Apple Pie, Cinnamon Rolls & Real Hot Chocolate, Oh Yeah!

Sunday December 15

12:30-3 pm

Cost: $25

Instructor: Wendy Fogg

I love the holidays and I love to bake! Today I’ll share two of my favorite holiday deserts – Marge’s Paper Bag Apple Pie (with homemade crust!) and my mom’s Cinnamon Rolls. And who doesn’t love a delicious cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate?! We’ll be making 3 different brews for you to enjoy. Samples and Recipes included! $25 Includes Demonstration, Samples and Recipes. Please note: Pie and cinnamon rolls depicted above are not exactly as we will be making.



Instructor: Wendy Fogg

Tuition:  $305

January 11/12
Class Times: 9 am - 4:30 pm

class size: 4-12

In this two day intensive, you will be introduced to the next two Reiki symbols & the Green Fire II symbol, learn their uses, practice using them and be able to distinguish between the feel of their energies as they flow through your empowered hands. You will:

  • Review healing properties of 10 plants from Green Fire Reiki I.

  • Practice a “distance" or “absentee” Reiki session for a person, animal, plant, situation in the present, past, or future time

  • Guided meditation to go to your sacred temple and meet/reconnect with your Reiki guides and your plant spirit guide(s).

  • Strengthen your Reiki channel through the Reiki II attunement.

  • Begin using plants and crystals to create grids and rebalance chakras

  • Certificate given at end of class.

Prerequisite:  Reiki I attunement must have been received from a qualified Reiki Master Teacher no less than 2 months before this Reiki II class.  20 documented full Reiki sessions using traditional Reiki hand positions and the empowerment symbol (at least 15 treatments on humans) are highly recommended. All students should be prepared to share their Reiki stories of working with people, pets, plants, etc.  If you received your Level I Reiki attunement with a teacher other than Wendy Fogg, please contact her directly ( for an interview before registering.  You will be required to provide a copy of your Reiki I certificate and a copy of your Reiki lineage along with documention of 20 full Reiki sessions (see course description above). Anyone coming to class without having met prerequisite requirements will be dismissed without refund. No exceptions.

1 hour lunch break. Please bring your lunch as our location is fairly remote and time will not allow for offsite dining.



Sunday January 19

Cost: $52

This beginner level class examines the cold-process method for making soap. The incorporation of botanicals, oils and butters, & essential oils will be discussed. Basic swirling techniques and use of molds will be explained. Troubleshooting and rebatching, curing, and packaging will also be covered. Each student will receive two bars of soap. 

  • Please wear long sleeves

  • Bring rubber kitchen gloves and eye protection.

  • An apron is optional.

  • You will receive a handout that includes sources, useful websites, and the recipe used in the class.


The Witches’ Path

Instructor: Wendy Snow Fogg, High Priestess

Cost: $412

Deposit: $206 with Registration

Balance Due $206 on June 11

Materials Fees: Paid directly to the instructor, exact amount - cash only, on class dates where noted.

Also known as Witchcraft and Wicca, The Craft has been practiced in many ways by many cultures around the world. In this series, we’ll discuss the truth of what

it means to be a witch, various traditions of The Craft and how we can live a magical life of peace, joy and healing. Classes will include both lecture and

informal discussion. Hands-on classes will include a materials fee. This 16-part series is intended to benefit the solitary practitioner as well as the person considering group work. I will share information generally known among witches as well as stories of my personal experiences of walking the witches' path. You will be introduced to some of my favorite books and tools along the way, and create some of your own! Each class will begin with breathing, grounding and prayer. Classes will begin on time and your promptness shows respect to the circle that gathers.

16 Classes

Class meets 6:30 – 8:30 pm on the following dates:

  • Thurs. April 9 The Way of the Witch: Living A Magical Life

    • An overview of the history of witchcraft

    • What it means - and does not mean- to be a witch.

    • Witchcraft & Paganism

    • Traditions of The Craft

    • Ethics of the Witch and The Rule of Three

  • Thurs. April 16 Creating Sacred Space

    • Preparing Yourself

    • Protecting the Space

    • Preparing the Altar

    • Casting The Circle

    • Directions, Elements and Elementals

    • Circle Etiquette

  • Tues. April 21 Value, Purpose and “Bones” of Ritual

  • Thurs. April 30 Gods & Goddesses of The Craft

    • A Look At Several Pantheons and Their Relationship to Each Other

    • Monotheism vs. Polytheism

    • Angels and The Craft

  • Thurs. May 14 Wheel of the Year

    • The eight Sabbats and their meanings

  • Thurs. May 28 Tools of the Craft

    • Examples will be shown & discussed

    • Athame, Wand, Sword, Cauldron, Pendulum,

    • Cords, Clothing, Adornments, etc.

    • Acquiring your tools

    • Clearing, Cleansing & Consecrating Your Tools

  • Thurs. June 4 Moon Magick

    • Use the phases and signs of the moon to empower your intention!

  • Thurs. June 11 Cord & Candle Magick

    • Use color, scent and intention to manifest the outcome you desire.

    • Note: This class may go til 9 pm

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. June 18 Herb Magick

    • Enlist the help of the plant relations to aid in your magical purpose!

  • Thurs. June 25 Oils & Potions

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 2 Incense with Purpose

    • Materials Fee: $5

  • Thurs. Jul 9 Wand Crafting

    • Note: This class may go til 9 pm

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 18 Talismans & Charms

    • Each student will create their own medicine bag

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 23 Spellcraft - Part I

    • What is a spell? When would a witch use a spell?

    • The purpose and power of the spell

    • Getting the result you want

    • Why didn't my spell work?

  • Thurs. Jul 30 Spellcraft - Part II

    • Craft and Cast your spell

    • Materials Fee: $5