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Reiki II Certification

Saturday May 27th & Sunday May 28th 2017
Tuition:  $325 
Prerequisite:  Reiki I.  All students should be prepared to share their Reiki stories of working with people, pets, plants, etc.

In this two day intensive, you will be introduced to the first next two Reiki symbols, learn what some of their uses are, practice using them, and be able to distinguish between the feel of their energies as they flow through your empowered hands. You will practice a “distance" or “absentee” Reiki session in the present, past, or future time and space, “beaming” Reiki, as well as several Reiki II sessions given and received.

  • Guided meditation to go to your sacred temple and meet/reconnect with your Reiki guides.
  • Strengthen your Reiki channel through the Reiki II attunement.
  • Certificate given at end of class.
  • 1 hour lunch break.  

NOTE:   If you received your Reiki I attunement from a teacher other than Wendy Fogg, please bring your original Reiki I certificate to class with you.