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Earth to Body: Summer Session


Sunday July 22nd
10:00am - 4:00pm
$85.00 per Class
We welcome you to the garden to learn about its care, keeping, and bounty from the Garden Manager and Medicine Maker.

Garden: Enjoy the bounty of the garden as we discuss the importance of pollinators, biodiversity and conserving water. Using examples from our evolving gardens at Misty Meadows we will look at the importance of planting perennials and discuss methods of low maintenance and sustainable practices to enrich our ecosystems. With the busyness of the season we will explore planning your garden by the phases of the moon, to bring order and balance.

 Harvesting: In the height of summer there is so much to do. Harvesting and drying herbs to fill our apothecary is our top priority. We will discuss methods of drying and preserving the bounty of summer, as well as techniques for staying organized and on track. experience harvesting herbs that will be stowed away for winter months.  

Lunch: In addition to the summer fruit and vegetable staples that abound in our gardens and at farmers’ markets learn to bring our wild herb friends to the table. Together we’ll stray from tradition and make a pesto that embraces the diverse bounty of medicinal summer plants. 

Medicine Making: Harness the power of the sun as we discuss and make infused oils. These oils will be suitable for culinary or cosmetic use. Learn the healing properties of Plantain, Comfrey, Red Clover and Calendula. Share in the bright beauty of herbal oils and the diverse ways they can bring health into daily life. 

Note: Each class students will receive handouts and the products made that day. Although there are lunch activities we encourage all students to bring supplemental food, so they can feel energetic and nourished throughout the day. All classes are weather contingent and subject to cancellation in the event of severe weather, participants will be notified upon assessment.