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Earth To Body: Spring Session



Sunday May 6th 
10:00am - 4:00pm
$85.00 per Class
The knowledgeable staff at Misty Meadows welcomes you to the garden to learn about its care, keeping, and bounty from the Garden Manager and Medicine Maker.

Garden: Come play among the young plants and budding life in the gardens. Join us in our medicinal herb gardens and nurture your connection to the rhythms of the earth! Work according to the ancient traditions of planting seeds by the moon; both indoors and outside. Learn the art of opening your gardens in the spring in a way that changes the way you think about “spring cleaning” as we deepen our connection to the soil by using leaves, garden debris and compost to build the soil for an abundant growing season. 

Harvesting: What can be harvested this time of year? What is appropriate to harvest? Spring is the emergence of life! It is a wonderful time to collect buds and new growth for medicine. Gathering leaves of wild plants like Red Raspberry or Blueberry, it is important to gather before they set their flowers. Enjoy learning to harvest with responsibly and consideration to the plants. 

Lunch: Engage your wild appetite as we taste young bitter greens that will awaken your pallet after the long winter. We will explore the uncultivated and cultivated delicacies in the gardens and the woods to make a delicious spring salad and dressing to share. 

Medicine Making: How can you preserve the energy and vitality of the spring? Learn the art of tincture making. This process is tried and true and will give you a medicine that can last for years. With your new found or seasoned harvesting skills you will learn how to connect with the plant of your choice and welcome its spirit and medicine into your preparation. We will discuss the energies of the plants and the healing benefits that they offer. 

Note: Each class students will receive handouts and the products made that day. Although there are lunch activities we encourage all students to bring supplemental food, so they can feel energetic and nourished throughout the day. All classes are weather contingent and subject to cancellation in the event of severe weather, participants will be notified upon assessment.