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Celtic Tree Lore and Medicine with Ellen Evert Hopman!

Celtic Tree Lore and Medicine

Saturday / Sunday
July 23, 24
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Instructor:  Ellen Evert Hopman

Learn Celtic Tree Lore and Medicine from Druid and Herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman, author of A DRUID’S HERBAL OF SACRED TREE MEDICINE and other volumes. On Saturday morning we learn about the Irish “Tree alphabet” and then go outside to perform a traditional Druid tree meditation and learn to listen to the trees. Saturday afternoon we learn more about the “Tree Alphabet” and then gather tree medicines such as leaves, pine needles, flowers, barks, etc. Sunday we prepare medicines from the ingredients we have gathered. Each student can leave with a hand-made set of Ogham divination cards, based on the ancient Irish Ogham “Tree Alphabet”.

Please bring:  A bag lunch for each day,  a notebook and pen,  two  8 oz. glass jars with tight fitting lids.
Please wear comfortable shoes and outdoor clothes as you will be outside part of the weekend.
Campers are welcome.  Please call for details.

Ellen will also have books with her to sell and sign.  If you already own books written by Ellen and would like her to sign them, please bring them along!

Program Cost:  $130

Register By Phone: 603-659-7211