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Soap Making 101

Saturday, April,8th
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Instructor:  Lynn Iverson
Cost:  $50  Includes handout and all class materials

Registration Deadline Date:  Monday April 3rd
Max Enrollment: 13

This beginner level class examines the cold-process method for making soap. The incorporation of botanicals, oils and butters, & essential oils will be discussed. Basic swirling techniques and use of molds will be explained. Troubleshooting and rebatching, curing, and packaging will also be covered. Each student will receive two bars of soap. 

Please wear long sleeves
Bring rubber kitchen gloves and eye protection. 
An apron is optional.
You will receive a handout that includes sources, useful websites, and the recipe used in the class.

REGISTER BY PHONE (603) 659-7211