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Saturday November 3

6-11 pm

With: Karen Lacharite

$130.81 (includes 3% processing fee)

Firewalk through your Fears...

We all have an ancient fire that burns within; an inner knowing that transcends time, space and knowledge.

There is a deep knowledge that has been passed down through our lineage through ancient traditions and ceremonies. How do we tap into this inner fire, this Ancient Fire? How do we access that place within us where this stored information lives?

When we open ourselves up to our inner fire by exploring the ancient mysteries, traditions and healings that have been practiced around the globe since before recorded time, we access a greater knowledge, a stronger connection to self and a deeper spiritual connection to the ancestors that walked these sacred paths before us.

Come, walk the ancient fire. Firewalk through your fears, your limited beliefs, the resistance that holds you back in life. Let your spirit guide you as you take this journey to a place unknown to the conscious mind, yet so familiar to our ancient souls

Transform your fears into faith, your resistances into empowerment. Firewalking is a catalyst for Transformation and Healing. Join us as we come together, build our sacred fire and as a community, light the fire.

Inside will be a participatory workshop where we will look at our lives and our belief systems, we will identify what we need to “break through” and we will experience exercises to work through these issues. When the fire has been reduced to coals we will come to it … and if you choose to … you will walk the sacred fire.

Karen Lacharite is NH's only Certified Advanced Firewalk Instructor, certified by Sundoor, International School of Transpersonal Education. Karen is also a Shamballa Master, Certified Aromatherapist, graduate of a Two-year Women's Empowerment Training, and a dedicate of the Goddess. She is a daughter of the Earth who brings her powerful, rooted energy to everything she does. She, like the fire she so loves, has a heart that burns with enthusiasm and a passion for healing on the deepest levels. She is dedicated to sharing the ancient spiritual practice of firewalking with any who dare to dance with these sacred fires! She has walked the long journey through the fires of transformation and healing and wishes to share this powerful ceremony with others. Karen also walks the path of the Peruvian Shaman. She has studied the Inca Medicine Wheel where she trained in the sacred ceremonies, rites and practices of these ancient traditions.

Cancellations & Refunds

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