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Green Fire Reiki I Certification

Instructor: Wendy Snow Fogg, Reiki Master Teacher


November 2/3

9 am – 5:00 pm

Tuition: $205

Class Size: 4-12

I am deeply blessed and excited to bring Green Fire Reiki forward at this time when healing is so profoundly needed in our communities.

Reiki is a profoundly simple, powerful, and gentle hands-on healing practice that promotes the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Green Fire Reiki I is rooted in the strong foundation of traditional Usui Reiki and Tibetan Shamanic practice, and introduces the vibrational healing power of plant spirit, the highest vibration after Spirit itself. The exquisitely unique energy of plants enhances the connection between the subtle bodies of a person and the Universal Life Force and expands possibilities for healing on all levels. This two-day intensive includes an introduction to and discussion of the Reiki Ideals and the chakra system, incorporating the use of healing plants to encourage healing on all levels.

You will:

  • Learn the history of Reiki, how it works, and many of its uses.

  • Receive the Green Fire Reiki I attunement which opens your Reiki channel to the infinite supply of Universal life force energy, the spirit of The Green Nations and invites balance among your four subtle bodies: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Receive the first Reiki symbol, learn how to use it, and practice using it.

  • Receive the Green Fire Reiki I symbol, learn how to use it, and practice using it.

  • Participate in exercises to open your own intuitive personal healing gifts.

  • Experience a guided meditation designed to clear and balance your energy, create your inner Reiki temple and meet your Reiki guide(s) and a plant spirit helper.

  • Learn the Reiki hand positions and practice a Reiki self-treatment.

  • Receive and conduct full Reiki treatments with class participants.

  • Certificate given at the end of class. 1 hour lunch break.

You do not need any previous knowledge of healing plants to participate in this class.
Herbalists and herbal students are urged to consider adding Green Fire Reiki to your herbal tool box for clinical practice.

Includes complete Reiki I Practitioner Manual.
Certificate given at the end of class.

1 hour lunch break. Please bring your lunch as our location is fairly remote and time will not allow for offsite dining.

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