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Herbal Studies: Step II (Class Two)




This course is offered in ten 6-hour classes, each class worth 6 credits. Classes may be taken individually according to student goals. Upon successful completion of all classes totaling 60 credits, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

2019 Class Dates:                           2020 Class Dates:

Class One                       Saturday April 27                             Friday  Jan 17          
Class Two                      Saturday May 25                              Friday Feb 7
Class Three                   Saturday June 29                            Friday  Feb 28
Class Four                     Saturday July 27                              Friday Mar 20
Class Five                      Saturday Aug 17                              Friday  Apr 10                      
Class Six                        Friday Sept 13                                  Friday  May 1
Class Seven                  Friday Sept 27                                  Friday May 22
Class Eight                    Friday Oct 18                                     Friday June 12
Class Nine                     Friday Nov 1                                     Friday July 3
Class Ten                       Friday Nov 22                                   Friday July 24

Tuition: $125 per module (Plus 3% debit/credit card processing)

  • Sign up for all 10 and save $50! (3% processing fee for credit cards still applies)

Minimum Class Size: 4 Students.

Course Outline:

  1. Class One

    • Holding Healing Space For The Client

    • Challenges of the Clinical Herbalist

    • Self Care For The Clinical Herbalist

    • Importance of Boundaries

    • Scope of Practice

    • The Intake Form

  2. Class Two

    • Creating Effective Formulas

    • Student Intake Interview Practice w/ Breakout Groups

    • Discussion

  3. Class Three

    • Tongue Diagnosis

    • Facial Diagnosis

  4. Class Four

    • Pulse Diagnosis: Explore twelve pulses!

    • Pulse Testing: Observing reactions to herbs, flower essences and essential oils

    • Hand/Nail Diagnostic Markers

  5. Class Five

    • Drug Classifications and Energetics

    • Herb/Drug Compatabilities and Contraindications

  6. Class Six

    • Reading Medical Lab Reports for Use In Wholistic Practice

    • Exploring The Eight Tastes

  7. Class Seven

    • Exploring Tissue States

  8. Class Eight

    • Introduction to Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems in the world

  9. Class Nine

    • Translating Western Medical Diagnosis for Wholistic Treatment

    • The Laying On Of Plants

    • Power In the Breath

  10. Class Ten

    • Body Language

    • Maintaining Safe Boundaries

    • Muscle Testing

    • Choose The Best Delivery Method

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations made in writing at least 10 days prior to class date will be refunded 75% of paid tuition. Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to class date are nonrefundable.

Cancellations may be made in person, by phone or by mail (mail cancellations must be post marked 10 days before class. Voice-mail and email are not acceptable as that technology is not fully reliable.

Student Protection Guarantee: If minimum enrollment is not met 7 days prior to scheduled class date, class will be canceled or rescheduled. In the event of cancellation, all monies paid by students will be refunded within 14 days. In the event of rescheduling, students will be given the option of a full refund or a transfer of funds to the new class date or another class of student's choosing.