Autumn Dance

Autumn Dance
by Wendy Snow Fogg

Summer breathes her last deep sigh
Garden flowers wane.
Time to clip and ready now
My lovely partners for winter’s sleep.

Acorns falling, squirrels scurry
The knowing forest sends a call
That winter’s coming - best get ready
Mother’s creatures great and small!

Moving toward the Equinox
Evening dew becomes a frost
Soon the smell of hickory smoke
Will fill the morning air.

Pumpkins round and brilliant mums
Stalks of corn adorning doorsteps
Time to gather in the squashes,
Taters, carrots, onions, garlic.

Now the veil begins to thin
We feel the breath of ancients near.
Candles burn and hearthsides crackle
Mulling cider scents the air.

Soon the trees release their colors
To coat the brown and chilling earth.
The waning light peeks through the branches
Delicious rays the Sun God’s late day gift!

As winter saw it’s end in sight
I swore my allegiance to summer’s light,
Reveling barefoot in the sweet Spring soil
Soon turned to broiling, sweating - toil!

So now I look to a slower time
When the days are shorter and the quiet is dear.
But I know, when Spring comes round again
I’ll once again begin
The impatient dance of the gardener
Awaiting the peepers and daffodils

Beckoning me to.....”come out here”!  

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