Snow for Samhain!

Snow for Samhain!……some kind of trick?
Whoever conjured it should get a swift kick!

The lights are out – dark and scary for the season;
Snow on my jack o lantern- completely beyond reason!

And when the neighborhood goblins, princesses and witches
Come door to door beggin’ …… they’ll be needin’ snow britches!

Halloween is in Autumn, time for costumes and candy
But the Snow Queen’s come early, better get the shovel handy;

Here I sit in the dark, no TV or Facebook.
Time for writing poetry……and maybe working on my new book!

…….or maybe I’ll just climb into my cozy cabin bed
And say goodnight to the Snow Queen……..lie down and rest my head.

Yeaaaaaa.  That’s the TREAT!  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Wendy FoggComment