2020 Level Two Herbal Program

2020 Level Two Herbal Program

from 300.00


  1. April 4-5

  2. April 25-26

  3. May 16-17

  4. June 6-7

  5. June 27-28


9 am – 4:30 pm


  • Has completed a level one herbal program or equivalent

    • If your level one training was not at Misty Meadows, you will be contacted for an equivalency interview.

  • Is comfortably proficient with plant identification

  • Understands plant actions.

  • Understands basic Anatomy & Physiology.

  • Understands the basic physical/emotional/spiritual foundations of dis-ease.

  • Knows how to make simple medicines.

Now for the next step – Expanding Your Skills Toward Herbal Practice:

  • Diagnostic markers of the face, hands, tongue, feet and ears

  • Listening to pulses

  • Tastes, Tissue States

  • Working With An Intake Form

  • Achieve & Maintain Successful Client/Practitioner Relationships

  • Staying Healthy As A Practitioner

  • Shamanic Tools for the Herbal Practitioner

  • The Art of Herbal Formulation:

    • Choosing & blending plants to achieve a healing goal.

    • Formulation techniques and menstruums used by the skilled herbal practitioner.

  • Choosing and formulating flower essences deductively and intuitively

  • Reading & Understanding Lab Results

  • Drug Classifications

  • Working with Medical Diagnoses

  • Herb/Drug/Food Energetics, Actions and Interactions

  • Constitutional Types

  • Introduction to Ayurveda

  • Break-out Group Work

Tuition: $1392

Payment Plan:

  • $300 Deposit with Registration (nonrefundable after 30 days ​or March 1, whichever comes first)

  • Payments of $273.75 due March, April, May, June (automatically charged through the Misty Meadows secure online store.)

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