Advanced Herbal Program

Advanced Herbal Program

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  • July 6/7 Chris Marano - Cost: $265 (Plus 3% processing fee) Processing fee waived for cash or personal check payments


    • Chinese Medicine: Yin-Yang, The Four Essences, the Five Spirits and Five Elements

      Taught by Chris Marano

      One of the oldest and most comprehensive of medical models, Chinese Medicine has remained an unbroken an ever-evolving healing tradition for well over 2500 years. It would be ludicrous to think one can gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese Medicine in a couple of years, let alone a couple of days. Yet, even the most basic understanding of Chinese Medicine vastly increases our understanding of what it is to be human, to be in balance or out of balance.

      To truly be a holistic health practitioner, one must understand and be ready to address the entirety of a human being – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects. Modern allopathic medicine has chosen to follow the path of specialization and so has divided these aspects into different realms of study and practice. Many traditional and indigenous healing systems have not pursued this path, and continue to view and embrace the wholeness of human beings. I make no bones about practicing and teaching herbalism in the manner of traditional indigenous systems, and do not shy away from investigating or teaching the psycho-spiritual-emotional and energetic aspects of what it is to be human and how these aspects affect and are affected by health and illness.

      Chinese philosophy/spirituality is a rich tapestry interweaving millennia-old wisdom of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Essentially, this world view permeates every aspect of Chinese life, from the basis of reality itself to the rhythms and energies of Earth to the world of humanity (health, psychology, spirituality, medicine, food, politics, etc.). At its root is the deep-seated understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things. These concepts are the underpinnings that make the Chinese health model so timeless, powerful, useful, practical, and elegant.

      On Saturday, I will introduce us to fundamental Chinese principles that help to explain the architecture of reality and humanity, addressing Yin-Yang, the Four Essences (Qi, Xue/Blood, Shen/Spirit, Jing/Essence), and the Five Spirits (Shen, Hun, Yi, Po, Zhi). On Sunday I will correlate these to the Five Element (Evolutionary Phases) and the relationship between emotions and organ-systems. My hope is that these introductory teachings spark a desire to investigate Chinese medicine more deeply, and to widen and deepen the lens in which we view humans, health, and herbs.

      There will be accompanying written material and plenty of Chinese herbal medicines to share and sample.

      • Additional topic TBA

  • September 21/22 Maria Noel Groves - Cost: $265 (Plus 3% processing fee)

    Processing fee waived for cash or personal check payments


    • Advanced gut repair

    • Evidence-based medicine and how to access/understand herbal science

    • Percolation tincture style

    • Herb-drug safety

  • October 12/13 Caroline Gagnon - Cost: $325 (Plus 3% processing fee)

    Processing fee waived for cash or personal check payments


    • Connective Tissue Fascia & Working With The Terrian

    • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Other Misdiagnosed Diseases & Infections

  • November 16/17 Tammi Sweet - Cost: $350 (Plus 3% processing fee)

    Processing fee waived for cash or personal check payments


    • Cannabis Medicine

    • Inflammation

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2019

Class Times:

  • All classes: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 pm.

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  • $1395 plus 3% online transaction fee

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  • Individual weekends available

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  • $500 deposit with registration

    • $223.75 due May 1, July 1, September 1 and October 1.

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