Bug Juice (insect repellent)

Bug Juice (insect repellent)

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Aromatherapy is an incredibly powerful way to bring healing into ones life. Our ancestors were using essential oils to bring healing, relaxation, dreams and many more energies into their lives. Be a part of this ancient tradition and bring home a specially formulated blend from Misty Meadows! We use high grade essential oils from reputable companies to ensure the best possible blends.


This blend of essential oils is formulated to repel insects of all kinds! Works well at keeping mosquito's, black flies, AND ticks at bay while working in the garden or taking a day trip! Apply a generous amount with periodic spritz's. Feel great during the warmer seasons when bug are rampant, knowing that you're well protected and best of all, with no harsh chemicals. 

Original Contains: water, alcohol, witch hazel extract, neem extract, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, citronella essential oil, patchouli essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, catnip essential oil

Deep Woods

This blend has been formulated with more potent insect repelling essential oils and infused alcohol and oils for those trips deep into the woods and mountains. Infused oils help to keep you from sweating off the bug spray so quickly, meaning less applications. Feel better going on hikes and rugged trails knowing you're more protected from insects. 

Deep Woods Contains: alcohol, water, garlic infused oil, clove essential oil, vetiver essential oil, red cedar essential oil, atlas cedar essential oil, pine essential oil, catnip essential oil, thyme essential oil, citronella essential oil, sage essential oil, lavender essential oil

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