Love Struck

Love Struck


Enjoy this chai-inspired blend to nourish and relax your spirit. When enjoyed with someone else, it can help nurture a sensual mood.

Contains: cinnamon chips, cardamom seeds, white peppercorn, orange peel, fennel seeds, damiana, rose petals, passion flower, shatavari root, vanilla powder

General quantity is 1-oz, if you would like more than 1-oz (one ounce) simply select from the drop down and choose the appropriate quantity desired. (ie. 2 for 2-oz 3 for 3-oz etc.) 

**PLEASE NOTE: This tea is heavier than most of our other teas, due to it being made with roots/bark/seeds/peel etc. In order to have an amount that will provide more than 1-2 cups of tea, we recommend purchasing at least 3oz(ounces) of this tea.**

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