Autumn Seasonal Sprays

Autumn Seasonal Sprays


Aromatherapy is an incredibly powerful way to bring healing into ones life. Our ancestors were using essential oils to bring healing, relaxation, dreams and many more energies into their lives. Be a part of this ancient tradition and bring home a specially formulated blend from Misty Meadows! We use high grade essential oils from reputable companies to ensure the best possible blends.

Autumnal equinox: traditional autumn scents of cinnamon and the spices we all love. Bring the atmosphere of Autumn into your home, workplace or car. Can be used as a disinfecting room spray or just a lovely room spray. 

Witch's Brew: a little earthy, sweet and fully magical! This blend of essential oils is perfect for the Halloween season and a must have for witches everywhere. Use in your living space, car or even just as a personal fragrance. 

Halloween Night: sweet, smoky and with a hint of chocolate, this blend of essential oils really brings the atmosphere of Halloween to your living space, car or workplace. Indulge in the mischievous scents and let witches, bats and ghosts dance around your head.

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