Step II - Intermediate Herbal Studies

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Wendy with Sarsaparilla - Oct. 2012-2.jpg

Step II - Intermediate Herbal Studies


Step II: Intermediate Herbal Training
Diagnostic Skills & Other Tools For The Herbalist

Early Bird Price: $1350 paid in full before February 1st

Class Dates: 

  • March 17-18    

  • March 31

  • April 7   

  • April 21-22    

  • May 19-20

  • June 2-3   

Class Times:  9:30 am - 5:00 pm    

Wendy Snow Fogg brings 25 years of herbal teaching and clinical practice experience to the students in this 5-weekend intensive focused on taking your skills as an herbalist to the next level.

What Happens After?

  • You’ve developed a solid herbal foundation, either through formal training or self study.  
  • You know the plants. 
  • You’ve learned the basics of Anatomy & Physiology. 
  • You understand the physical/emotional/spiritual foundations of dis-ease.  
  • You know how to make simple medicines.  

Now for the next step – Expanding Your Skills:

  • Constitutional Types
  • Tissue States
  • Understanding The 5 Tastes
  • Diagnostic markers of the face, hands, tongue, feet and ears
  • Listening to pulses
  • Spirit meets Science:  Reading Lab Reports
  • The complex art of herbal formulation:
    • Choosing & blending plants to achieve a healing goal.
    • Formulation techniques and menstruums used by the skilled herbal practitioner.
    • Factoring in pharmaceutical implications
  • Formulating vibrational essences deductively and intuitively
  • Integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. 
  • Shamanic tools:
    • The laying on of plants and crystals
    • The power of sound, vibration and breath
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • The power of prayer and meditation
  • Muscle and Pulse Testing for Remedies
  • Reading Body Language
  • Sitting in counsel with clients - Students will conduct a live client intake and follow-up
    • Working With Intake Forms
    • Listening
    • Boundaries
    • Winning Trust and Compliance

Instructor:  Wendy Snow Fogg

  • $1350   (Registered/Paid in Full by February 1)
  • $1450   After February 1
  • Payment Plan Available:  $450 Deposit with Registration $455 due on March 15, April 15 (includes$5 processing fee per installment)


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