The Witches Path

The Witches Path

from 206.00

Instructor: Wendy Snow Fogg, High Priestess

Cost: $412

Deposit: $206 with Registration

Balance Due $206 on June 11

Materials Fees: Paid directly to the instructor, exact amount - cash only, on class dates where noted.

Also known as Witchcraft and Wicca, The Craft has been practiced in many ways by many cultures around the world. In this series, we’ll discuss the truth of what

it means to be a witch, various traditions of The Craft and how we can live a magical life of peace, joy and healing. Classes will include both lecture and

informal discussion. Hands-on classes will include a materials fee. This 16-part series is intended to benefit the solitary practitioner as well as the person considering group work. I will share information generally known among witches as well as stories of my personal experiences of walking the witches' path. You will be introduced to some of my favorite books and tools along the way, and create some of your own! Each class will begin with breathing, grounding and prayer. Classes will begin on time and your promptness shows respect to the circle that gathers.

16 Classes

Class meets 6:30 – 8:30 pm on the following dates:

  • Thurs. April 9 The Way of the Witch: Living A Magical Life

    • An overview of the history of witchcraft

    • What it means - and does not mean- to be a witch.

    • Witchcraft & Paganism

    • Traditions of The Craft

    • Ethics of the Witch and The Rule of Three

  • Thurs. April 16 Creating Sacred Space

    • Preparing Yourself

    • Protecting the Space

    • Preparing the Altar

    • Casting The Circle

    • Directions, Elements and Elementals

    • Circle Etiquette

  • Tues. April 21 Value, Purpose and Bones of Ritual

  • Thurs. April 30 Gods & Goddesses of The Craft

    • A Look At Several Pantheons and Their Relationship to Each Other

    • Monotheism vs. Polytheism

    • Angels and The Craft

  • Thurs. May 14 Wheel of the Year

    • The eight Sabbats and their meanings

  • Thurs. May 28 Tools of the Craft

    • Examples will be shown & discussed

    • Athame, Wand, Sword, Cauldron, Pendulum,

    • Cords, Clothing, Adornments, etc.

    • Acquiring your tools

    • Clearing, Cleansing & Consecrating Your Tools

  • Thurs. June 4 Moon Magick

    • Use the phases and signs of the moon to empower your intention!

  • Thurs. June 11 Cord & Candle Magick

    • Use color, scent and intention to manifest the outcome you desire.

    • Note: This class may go til 9 pm

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. June 18 Herb Magick

    • Enlist the help of the plant relations to aid in your magical purpose!

  • Thurs. June 25 Oils & Potions

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 2 Incense with Purpose

    • Materials Fee: $5

  • Thurs. Jul 9 Wand Crafting

    • Note: This class may go til 9 pm

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 18 Talismans & Charms

    • Each student will create their own medicine bag

    • Materials Fee: $10

  • Thurs. Jul 23 Spellcraft - Part I

    • What is a spell? When would a witch use a spell?

    • The purpose and power of the spell

    • Getting the result you want

    • Why didn't my spell work?

  • Thurs. Jul 30 Spellcraft - Part II

    • Craft and Cast your spell

    • Materials Fee: $5

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