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This notice is posted in accordance with Chapter Hedc300 Office of Career School Licensing Part Hedc305 COMPLAINT PROCESS

Misty Meadows has zero tolerance for abusive language or behavior and prejudice based on race, ethnicity, culture, sex, sexual identity, religion, politics. Any student, faculty or staff member or guest displaying any of the aforementioned intolerances will be counseled by Wendy Fogg. If resolution is not achieved, the perpetrator will be expelled from the program, class or workshop, the Misty Meadows property and any educational obligation by Misty Meadows to the perpetrating student will be terminated with no chance for tuition refunds.

In the event of any student conflict within the herbal apprenticeship program, the student is encouraged to seek the advice of their faculty advisor. If resolution is not achieved, the faculty advisor or the student or both will seek counsel of Program Director Wendy Fogg who will determine the next course of action. Students other than those enrolled in the herbal apprenticeship program will notify Wendy Fogg directly with any grievance.

If at any time a student is dissatisfied with this process, believes they have a viable grievance and has exhausted available avenues of resolution with Misty Meadows Herbal Center, their next step is to consult with the NH Department of Education at