Wendy Snow Fogg

Wendy brings nearly 30 years’ experience to students of our Herbal apprenticeship program The Spirited Herbalist: A Plant-Guided Journey To Your Self which she created and introduced in 1995, Step II: Intermediate Herbal Studies, Advanced Herbal Studies, Herbal Immersion Week and short herbal workshops and classes for personal growth. She holds advanced certification in Traditional Western Herbalism by Matthew Wood and also earned certification in advanced herbal studies from Sage Mountain in Vermont, certificate in Facial Diagnostics from William LeSassier Herbalist AC, and is certified in Traditional Herbal Diagnosis by Matthew Wood, AHG and Earthsong Herbals and has received numerous advanced herbal trainings at conferences over 30 years . A Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Wendy teaches all levels of Usui Reiki, is a Master Teacher of Shamballa and Karuna Reiki and most recently has co-created and introduced Green Fire Reiki. She is a certified ear candling practitioner and practices level 3 Craniosacral therapy and is a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing.


Brian K Pettengill

Brian is a man of many talents. He graduated from the Misty Meadows herbal apprenticeship program in 2014 and was offered the position of Products Manager within a very short time. Since 2015, Brian has become a highly respected member of the faculty whose classes and approach-ability receive continued accolades from our students. Brian’s teaching style is brilliantly focused yet gentle. His insatiable desire for knowledge makes him a teacher whose classes are ever evolving and deepening in wisdom. Brian has completed Astro-Herbalism, Elemental Herbalism and the Vitalist Herbalist online courses through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and has attended the International Herb Symposium 2015-2017 where he has won two awards for product making.


Jenna L Kulp

Jenna has maintained the gardens at Misty Meadows since 2012 and has been a valued member of our teaching faculty since 2013. Her areas of expertise include sustainable wild-crafting, plant identification, permaculture, astrological gardening, fermentation, culinary medicine, herbal remedies for children, and holistic support for reproductive health. Jenna is an honors graduate of the Coe Brown Northwood Academy, winning the Congressional Art Award in 2009. She holds certification in Permaculture Design from Colby Sawyer College, Herbalist Certification from Misty Meadows Herbal Center, New Hampshire Natural Resource Stewardship Certification, two advanced level certifications in Herbal Studies from Misty Meadows Herbal Center and one from Thyme Herbal. She has also completed Earth Activist Permaculture Certificate Training. Jenna’s herbal education also includes attendance at many herbal conferences including the New England Women’s Herbal Conferences 2010-2018 and International Herb Symposiums 2015-2017


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Jiong Jiong Hu

Jiong Jiong was born and raised in Mainland China, immigrating to the US in 1989. She has taught English as a second language in the US and China, and served in management positions for the federal government. She brings forward now a blending of ancient wisdom and rich life experience, to help others find stillness, release, peace and healing through her own very special, unique sharing & teaching of healing techniques. Dedicated to helping people age and live with more ease & grace and with less suffering, she has trained extensively in intensive mindfulness meditation, including facilitating meditation, with world renowned teachers. Jiong Jiong is a long time pranayama yoga and insight/mindfulness meditation practitioner and offers guided meditation at the UNH Waysmeet center in Durham, NH. Her classes in Mindfulness Meditation for anxiety, depression, aging, loss, pain are enjoyed by patrons of the Durham library and at The Wildcat Fitness center you’ll find her Mind and Body Integrated Movement program that integrates mindful meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Zen dance and acupressure point tapping and massaging. Jiong Jiong continues to take overnight silent retreats at retreat centers and Buddhist monasteries to achieve deepening understanding, practicing and teaching mindfulness. Her motto: Vision – Passion - Action 

My vision & passion - I have something unique to share that can help people age and live with more ease & grace and with less suffering.