Misty Meadows
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our mission

to preserve, protect, responsibly promote and educate about medicinal plants, their habitats and uses and the art, craft and practice of herbalism, the medicine of the people.


Our Roots

Wendy Snow Fogg is the founder and Senior Herbalist at Misty Meadows.  Her deep personal relationship with this land and the beings who live here has fostered a sense of "coming home to heal" for hundreds of students, teachers and visitors. She and husband Clyde have lovingly stewarded the farm since 1982, even before Wendy began to hear the songs of the plants and the whisperings of the trees and other nature spirits of this very sacred and magical land….



Misty Meadows herbal products are prepared from only the highest quality plant materials, many grown or wildcrafted here at the farm.

Our bulk dry herbs are grown without chemical herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. We follow organic and biodynamic farming practices.

Essential oils used in our products include high quality, therapeutic grade or food grade oils obtained from the most reputable companies.